Three sisters and a boarder or 2


Date:08 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

I have 2 raised beds that are dedicated to the 3 sisters this year. I say this in the broadest spectrum possible as I have to be imaginative with the space.

The corn is the fist of the sisters, here I have 36 corn iall honey and pearl, in 2 big blocks, the first block is spaced for individual plants, some seem happy doubled up. The second block is 6 groups of 6 multisown corn to see how well that works. I will leave 1 at six, 1 at 5 etc to see the best option.

Sister 2 is the beans, to climb up the corn. Green kentucky pole, yellow butter and purple climbing.

Sister 3 is a triplet. Firstly zuchinni grows vertically in front of the beds, gem squash vertically at the back of the bed with multi sown corn and a smaller fruited, shorter compact vining butter nut (Butterscotch) growing between them.

The 2 boarder are ciagua grown vertically at the back of bed 1 and yams as a ground cover between the corn. 

 Three sisters and a boarder or 2