Gardener:Northland Backyard Gardener

Date:25 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

In between art and camp prep over the weekend, Connor and I planted up our tomato seedlings. The hope is to give them another couple of weeks in a more sheltered spot. Like many others, we plant up to the first leaves to allow the roots to develop further. Tomatoes have adventitious roots. This means they have the ability to grow more roots along their stems at any point where the stem is buried. By doing this, we have much stronger plants.

Connor's tomatoes will have to go out in two weeks, whereas the main ones, in my garden are under no pressure to go into the garden. What we have discovered in the past, is that in regards to the fruiting, there is very little difference between the two plantings, even when there is a month apart in going out. The latter planted ones in my garden, grow much faster, and seem to catch up. 

It was a bit of a team effort with both of us filling up the bags, then Connor planting his ones (as he needs to be doing that for his school project). After that, one would find the labels, one would poke the hole in ready, while the other one carefully dug out the seedling with a teaspoon (we were trying not to disturb any others that may or may not come up). We also planted up his watermelons.

After he disappeared inside, I also planted up some lettuce as they were a bit too fiddly for him, and my dahlia seedlings. These are now all safely in the porch area, along with the remaining tomatoes that have finally decided to grace us with their presence. 

With the exception of the watering, I was under the misconception that I had very little to do this week in the garden. That was until I came home with a polystyrene chilli bin from work that was about to go into a rubbish bin. Problem solved in regards to where to put the leftover potatoes. Hubby wasn't overly impressed, but I told him to be grateful I didn't bring the other two home. A promise of some seed potatoes that I had spare, and the other ones found a home too.