Toilet roll carrots! (3rd blog)


Date:24 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

If you scroll down the blogs there are blogs about me growing carrots in toilet rolls. 

The idea revolves around me loosing too many to bugs. I can germinate them easily in the garden using the plank method, and grow them quite well if I can get them past week 4.

As they don't transplant well due to tap root disturbance I am trialling the toilet roll idea as they are deep, and the cardboard allows easy handling without soil or root disturbance. Transplanting was easily done Aby creating a trench in soft soil, and carefully placing  the whole roll into it. Sarah mentioned that the cardboard ring could cause a wicking action and dry the seedling when in the ground and to maybe carefully tear it off. I opted to plant so the whole roll was covered and topped up the gap with soil so the plants were nice and deep. 

The first trail is going well. I have thinned a few as some are 3 or 4 in a bunch. The thinned roots come out nice and straight.

I have the first succession set in the grow cupboard. This time with 2 carrot seeds per roll and 2 spring onions aswell.

Happy Friday everyone and hope the weather is kind to you! 

 Toilet roll carrots! (3rd blog)