Toilet roll carrots! (4th blog)


Date:08 Dec 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Before the end of the Spring challange I would like to complete my Toilet roll carrot experiment. (spoiler alert... Photo confirms success). Now just to let them grow to full size carrots. 

I thinned 3 out today to see how they were doing. They are still small, but large enough to see that they are growing straight. I have a few varieties and can't remember which one these are, but they are a nantes style carrot, as they have a tapered end as was specifically chosen so I am pretty sure it is Berlicum. I have the second batch as Chantenay Red core. I will do touch on and Manchester table soon, these will be a bit more delicate as they are long blunt end carrots.

The idea is to get bigger plants out after growing in ideal conditions for beter germination and pest protection and then over coming the root disturbance that the carrot tap roots hate. As an experiment I am going to say it has succeeded. I just need to see which varieties this method is suited to. 

 Toilet roll carrots! (4th blog)