Trading Firewood For Poo

Gardener:Old Mangakino Orchard (McCallum's Garden)

Date:31 Aug 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Living in a rural community is pretty awesome.  While we don't have livestock, our neighbors do which means manure is all around. 

Our neighbors across the road have a horse and they pile up the manure but have no use for it. I popped over the other day to ask if I could grab some and Rob brought two tracter scoops across for me. On his way back he noticed a pile of cut up trees and asked if he could take the wood. Win win for me as we don't have a fire and I only cut it to dispose of it. 

This manure is over a year old so already composted and full of worms. Most importantly it's free!

There is a real community spirit here which is how I remember life being when I was a child.  

Speaking of community, I have 4 packets of seeds that are duplicates and I won't use. Good till 2023. I'd love to post these out to a fellow gardener rather than let them go to waste. If you would like them just comment below. Free to a good home.

Trading Firewood For Poo