Transplant Shock ... my bad!

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:19 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

This plant was the first seed I sowed this spring! BUT I sowed it in the wrong place (down in the bottom garden - too much shade - right by the fennel - high celerey in front of it blocking the light ...

It wasnt thriving there and I needed a zucchini for the No-Face Garden up by the studio - so, thought i was doing it a favour - hmm - MY BAD!

It really didnt appreciate being moved and then not dug in for 2 hours as I totally ran out of energy to replant it straight away (even though the hole was already dug for it) It DOUBLY didnt appreciate the fierce biting wind and baking sun when I WAS finally able to move and go and pop it in the soil. SO despite then providing it shade and wind protection and something to lean on so the leaves could rehydrate easily it is looking a bit folorn this evening.

Its WILD weather again outside tonight and cool enough I considered lighting the fire. OH DARN - just realised I had left the hothouse door slightly adjar as it was fiery hot in there this afternoon - the Ghosts wont be very impressed with me! Several are already up which is very exciting ! 


Transplant Shock ... my bad!