Wahoo for spring!


Date:02 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

I have no idea where the time has gone, but happy to see the back of winter, although it was quite a mild one here down in Southland (hoping we don't pay for in spring or summer!).

Nothing screams more spring than little lambs, meet Susie Star who poked her head through the gate for a pet while I was doing my gardening walk this afternoon.

This year I don't feel as prepared for spring as I have in other years. The soil still needs compost added it to it, my greenhouse/potting house is a mess, and one vege garden is in desperate need for a weed, to the point I'm almost embarrassed! But we shall get there. On the plus side I have started sowing some seed, so there has been some progress.

I have got quite a few blogs to read I see, which isn't a bad thing! I find it so interesting reading about other people's gardens, and excited to learn more from you all again this year :)


Wahoo for spring!