Watering in where the new seedlings are going...! haha so 'helpful'

Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:05 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

The No Face Garden has had the edges dug out now and the weeds removed. 

I have edging seedlings that were sown at the start of September but they are a bit small still - and I wanted also beetroots but I dont have any seed for beetroot. 

I DID dig a few holes thinking I could put in yams there - but took them out again. 

Helpful Puss decided everything needed a good watering the second I turned my back haha, my digging the holes must have been the trigger... 

The difficulty with this small space is it is so searingly sunny and hot! Full sun from sunrise to sunset, North Facing and searingly hot in summer. SOOOO I need edible plants that will cope with a full on Far North Summer. WHat I DO know is when plant places tell you FULL SUN they maybe have not encountered our summer sun up here... here that means 'morning sun with midday/ afternoon shade'

Suggestions welcome. I have a secret surprise tomato to pop in somewhere. the seedlings were labelled as 'beefsteak' but it looks totally different to the other beefsteaks so is going to be a surprise one. The manuka branch you can see DID have some beans that refused to grow but they have now vanished for no apparent reason.  So thinking maybe the mystery tomato can go there instead?   

Also was wondering about sweetcorn and the watermelons (but it may be too searingly sunny for the melons?) The strawberry in there is OK as it is getting shaded from the Borage - 

Any other suggestions would be welcome of ANY other edibles that come to mind that I may not have considered for such a spot.

I was kind of thinking the yams as the watersource is right there and yams need to not dry out - but thinking it would be a bit boring to have such a key bit of garden just displaying yam leaves and eventually yam flowers I think for the next 8 months! Doesnt really scream "Artist's Studio"at you! - seems a waste - oh unless I wack one of the dahlias in there also??? But that might just attract unhelpful pests like aphids and the like... Mind you when I finish revamping No Face and pop him back there, maybe that would be enough with just him and the yams and the edging seedlings. 

Or Yams under sweetcorns ???


Watering in where the new seedlings are going...! haha so 'helpful'