Well... hullo!

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:01 Aug 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Flowers

Yes there is life in July/August. I have not given up this winter on getting my gardening thing on. 

There is always something to do and right through these cold days I have been sowing seeds and feeling totally optimistic about getting plants ready for spring and summer. Right now I have vegetable seedlings of pukekohe long keeper onions, lettuce and  silverbeet in trays outside. I have seedlings of nicotiana, nigella, foxglove, canterbury bells, viola and pansy outside and inside lettuce and beetroot already sprouting. In the vege garden the garlic is still looking hopeful, the broad beans are about 500 cm high and the sweetpeas are starting to climb up the trellis. I am still harvesting parsley, lettuce, silverbeet and (believe it or not) chillies! We are also still eating broccolli, cauli, beans, kumara and tomato frozen from our summer garden.

Our lawns are a quagmire and the super husband is devasted becaue he simply cannot mow right now - it would do too much damage and literally flood the mower. But this is what winter is all about and to be a gardener we have to be an optimist!

In this picture are lettuce and beetroot seedlings I am growing indoors... never too early and ever the optimist!

Well... hullo!