When you have no inspiration


Date:18 Mar 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Recipes

I haven't blogged in a while, life has been busy! My wee vege stall is still ticking along nicely, although the summer produce won't last too much longer now.

It's getting a bit cold for the cucumbers and it's showing, they are looking a bit stressed, and I'm getting lots of small fruit. My tom's have slowed down considerably, corn has finished and all harvested, and the beans and capsicums are all but done.

Although it's really dry down here in Invercargill (we have a hose ban starting this weekend, which is odd for us in mid March!), I feel like it's colder than usual, and I also feel like some things in my garden are coming to an end earlier than previous years. So it's making me a little sad!

I always find this time of year hard with space  - the juggle of getting autumn and winter plants in while the soil is still warm enough, but having/wanting to keep the summer crops in for as long as possible. But we shall get there!

This book in my picture has been my saving grace this season, when I have a glut of something and I've run out of ideas what to do with it, I refer to this. And most of the recipes are easy peesy, throw together style, which is even better!

When you have no inspiration