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Date:30 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Having grown peppers and tomatoes over the years, using different types of feed, both chemical and burning them with too much, not enough compost to last the season and ending with poor results, as we all do I learnt the hard way about a not intervening too quickly, watching for a while, and removing an issue completely, or intervening just a little every now and then, and watching what the plants tell you with there little hints.

What I do know, is my young plants and all the leafy greens love a nitrogen seaweed style mix. so sray that when they have had a hot dry day every 2 or 3 weeks. But nitrogen is not lacking in the garden. The flowers are good, and only if I have a very big pepper plant or tomato that start a but of yellow, they will get a foliar spray of Epsom salts diluted in water.. Careful application of a small amount so as not to let it get to the soil as it builds up quickly. Liquid potash is used as a foliar spray when the chillies are in full fruit to keep them going, again, not saying the soil.

My new best friend though is gnat barrier. I use it in the grow cupboard as the bottom watering crests a gnat heaven. 

 While we're discussing products...