Whoa back Stacey!


Date:17 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Before I got my seed sow on this morning I had a count up of what seedlings I had. It's a good job I did as I have more than enough of everything!!

Some of these are for my friend, some spares 'just in case', and there will still plenty to give away to family and friends.

I did end up sowing a few more zucchini seeds which will go outside, one more kamo kamo and half a dozen cucumber seeds, as last year I lost a lot of cucumber seedlings. 

I also direct sowed some beetroot, spring onions and carrot and radish seed mixed together -  which I learnt from people's blogs on here that is a good way of sowing those. So I'm very excited to see the results from that!


Whoa back Stacey!