Wonderful Wet

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:30 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

It seems just a moment ago I was bemoaning the rain and whinging about the sodden ground.

Silly old me!! Today we have had that delicious gentle warm rain which makes everything in the garden literally grow before your eyes. For the past three evenings I have been out with my hose ensuring all of my new plantings are watered in but today the skies have been helping me out with some lovely spring moisture. 

SH has also made the most of the wet, sprinkling lime on his lawns today to enhance their colour and growth and discourage any moss that might be tempted to settle in.

We had our first taste of broad beans with our roast chicken tonight - they were young, tender and delicious - and although SH still insists on calling them yukky beans - he did eat his portion without complaint.

I'm thankful the broad beans are finally fattening up as I want the bit of garden they are in for my kumara, hopefully at the end of November. I will freeze some of the beans, many will be eaten raw by my daughter-in-law and grandkids who just love them straight out of the pod - but there will still be a few more meals of "yukky beans" for SH!!

It's back to work for me tomorrow after a week off, but I am happy and refreshed after my time out in the garden. 

This is our view of part of our vegie garden from our deck - glistening with spring rain.

Wonderful Wet