Worst case scenario..

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:17 Nov 2022

Blog Type:Flowers

After a sleepless night nursing a very sore and swollen finger from my bee episode yesterday it was indeed the worst case scenario.

SH got out his sidecutters and (extremely painfully) cut off my wedding ring early this morning to release some of the pressure from my swollen stung finger.

I've had that ring non-stop on my finger for the past 31 years so it was not a decision taken lightly. I will be taking it into our local jeweller to have it repaired (and enlarged slightly) once my finger is back to it's normal size. One of my colleagues suggested it might be a good chance to get a flash new ring - but I told her in no uncertain terms that this was the ring SH gave to me on our wedding day and this is the only ring I want.

The funny thing is that out of this whole episode my biggest regret is that little bee. He was out doing his job, earning his keep, collecting his pollen and minding his own business. In comes this hand, stealing his precious flowers, interrupting his daily routine and he did what he had to do - and probably paid for it with his life.

Puts everything into perpective really.

Worst case scenario..