Gardener:Jungle Jane

Date:18 Oct 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

An EXPLOSION of colour BURST out of the soil this morning - first of the Shiny Fardenlosas are up...

I thought it would NEVER happen!

Took AGES! OMG I am SOOOOOO impatient! I have been checking them EVERY DAY several times a day since I popped them in 

Was about to repurpose the soil they are in!

Freezing cold last night - had a fire going- tucked them into bed in an insulated area

Checked them at 7am and BOUFF they are UP - well, this one is - and WHAT A COLOUR COMBINATION! (PS when I checked the lable they were only sown 8 days ago- so its me that is impatient and feeling like it has been weeks lol)

The Haute Couture of the plant world! Mega intense vibrant bright green, hot pink, cream ... imagine that as a colour combination on the runway, in your whare, ... anywhere ELSE BUT ON THIS HUMBLE BEAN would be perhaps hard on the eyes but on THIS -so vibrant! So gloriously unashamed to be a bean. Such a show off! Like it has popped out and made the grand declaration to no one noticing " I HAVE ARRIVED! I may be HUMBLE but I'm GLORIOUS"   Haha

Ha I SEE you little bean. you truely are splendid!