Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:23 Feb 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Recipes

Not a big fan of yams to be honest but the SH loves them roasted so when I was offered a few tubers a couple of years ago I thought I'd give them a go.

Yams need a private space where they can't invade the rest of the garden with their spreading habit. I also don't put any yam waste in the compost as they're likely to make a home there and then make themselves at home in the rest of the garden when the compost is used.

So with this in mind I planted the tubers at the back of a section of the vegie garden that is not overly productive because it doesn't get a huge amount of sun. SH made me a metal barrier which we sunk around a foot (I still think in imperial measurement!) into the soil to stop their wandering ways. The soil wasn't particularly rich and, while we got plenty of them, we didn't get any really good sized tubers the first year. 

This year we have loaded up the soil with compost and horse poo and they have definitely looked more healthy. Looking forward to digging them up in autumn to see if the extra attention has worked.

Although I'm still not a huge fan I have found a method of cooking them that I do enjoy. I coat them in olive oil and then dust them with dukkah and roast them. Nice with a bit of lamb.