Yellows and Blues

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:12 Dec 2022

Blog Type:Flowers

I'm a little particular about yellow.

I do love yellow - it is such a cheerful summer colour and I like to plant it in and around the vegetable garden where it fits perfectly with the yellow of the courgettes, pumpkins and whites of the potatoes.

But in my flower border I feel yellow is a bit harsh against the pinks and reds. It does go beautifully with blues and purples but my flower garden is not large enough to separate them all - so the yellows mostly stay in the vegie area.

And I just adore purples and blues. I love lavender and lobelia and purple petunia and catnip and this is the colour that really gets the bee's excited - so it gets me excited too!

Actually I love all the colours of all the flowers!!

Yellows and Blues