Yukky Beans

Gardener:Somerset Sue

Date:01 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables, Recipes

I can think of no better way of starting off my Spring Gardening Blog than writing about Broad Beans.

Ever since I was tiny wee (a lot of years ago) Christmas roast dinner always included a helping of broad beans from Mum and Dads vegetable garden. I don't remember loving them but I don't remember hating them either... they were just there to be eaten before you got to pudding. 

I have carried on the tradition but our boys seriously did not like them - and neither did my Super Husband. However they were all taught to eat everything on their plate so there was an obligatory 3 yukky beans with Christmas dinner every year, and they ate them. It has become a family joke.

But now enter my Greek daughter-in-law who adores Broad Beans, in fact she and our grand-kids eat them raw and very few reach the plate, although I do freeze a few for Christmas dinner. 

Love them or hate them they are a really fun crop to grow. They attract heaps of bees and are one of the first vege's to produce pods in spring. Just make sure you stake them against the wind because they do grow quite tall. If you think you don't like them try taking the outer skin off and panfrying the inside bean in just a little butter, salt and pepper - delicious!

Yukky Beans