Zone 2

Gardener:The flower lady

Date:20 Sep 2022

Blog Type:Vegetables

Sharing is caring except when it comes to sick bugs , which my wee man has so kindly shared with me , and like anytime my immune system takes a beating that pesky MS fatigue comes to visit . 

but I am learning to adapt so instead of being annoyed and pushing though to sometimes end up down for longer , I focus on an area mentally get out the gardening books and pen and paper and plan , Devise and strategise . 

The pic we refer to as zone 2 , so much to do but I will say she has great bones . 

the better area gets a fair bit of shade so perfect for greens , 

I plan to plant strawberries between the pavers , toms on the outside edge that gets the sun . And more brassicas between . 

on my thinking list are supports for gherkins , peas . 

just out of the shot is the edge garden of the tunnel house , I will be planing courgettes down there so to buy 9 Waratahs to grow them up . 

sow marigolds , courgettes . 

bring over trailer load of sawdust , and cow manure .

take shed down create mound for pumpkins sort some kind of protection from chickens , I love the idea of having pumpkins climbing up though the trees , so they will be close enough that if they want to I would love that . 

earlier we cut back the shrubs took out the roses and moved elsewhere , 

we have brassicas , carrots , onions silverbeet , leeks , carrots , beets and spinach already cranking along , plus heaps of herbs .

Zone 2