Fragrant plants for your Valentine


Valentine’s Day is usually associated with bunches of short-lived flowers that seldom last more than a week. How much better it would be to give your Valentine a perfumed plant for the garden. And you don’t have to restrict your choice to flowering plants: why not think of giving a plant with fragrant – even edible – leaves?

Here are some top Valentine’s suggestions:

If your Valentine’s gardening skills are limited, don’t present them with a gardening task that could become a potential source of frustration. Include some instructions on growing the plant (a Yates Garden Guide would be a good place to start) and the basics of fertiliser and plant protection. A bottle of liquid plant food such as Yates Nitrosol and, for ornamentals, a Yates Rose Gun, would comprise a basic care kit that would be suitable for even the least experienced of gardeners.


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