Angie's Garden Calendar February


As we settle back into life after the summer break, it’s time to get busy in the garden! Let’s explore what you can be planting, harvesting and growing in February and how to get the best out of your garden in the final month of summer.

Happy gardening everyone!

Whats On?

For a complete guide to February gardening, refer to the articles below:


Heavenly Harvest

It's harvest time - here are some tips on how to tell when your vegies are ready to pick.

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Flowery Dreaming

Flowers add beautiful vibrance and colour to any garden. Click here to learn how to look after them to keep them flowering for longer.

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Your Summer Vegie Patch

Follow my tips on bringing your garden to your plate.

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Stop The Creeping Weeds

Stop the weeds from creeping in

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Summer Fruit

Here are some tips on how to look after your precious fruit trees during a long, hot summer.

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