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Hello 2018!

As we drift back home from Christmas holidays, let’s look at what’s going on in the mid summer garden, what exciting (and delicious) plants you can grow at your place and how to care for them.

Happy gardening everyone!

Whats On?

For a complete guide to January gardening, refer to the articles below:


Summer Rose Care

Pruning your roses in summer can give you second flush of beautiful blooms in Autumn. Click here to learn more about summer rose pruning and how to protect them from summer time pests.

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Caring For Your Fruiting Plants

Fruit trees and plants require extra care over summer, especially if they are in pots. Plants in pots dry out a lot quicker than in-ground plants and can also rapidly exhaust their supply of nutrients.

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Vibrant Colour For The Summer Garden

Adding some colour to your garden at this ime of year is easy as there is a large range of beautiful plants to choose from

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Delicious Herbs, Vegies & More

There are lots of tasty vegies and fragrant herbs you can plant in January.

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