Colourful Winter Blooms


During July there is lots of fabulous colour and fragrance to choose from, learn how to protect plants from winter frosts and create new plants for free!

A sprinkle of colour

All around New Zealand during July you can sow a blend of fabulous vibrant flowers, so during spring the garden will be a festival of colour.

Yates® ‘Cottage Garden Mix’ is a blend of easy-to-grow, brightly coloured free-flowering annuals that will help create a charming cottage garden.

The mix contains flowers like coreopsis, dianthus, pansy, antirrhinum (snapdragon), aquilegia (columbine), schizanthus, wallflower, zinnia, salvia, calendula and nemesia. What will pop up depends on the climate, so it’s a floral surprise packet!

Growing Tips:

Frost protection

Winter frosts can damage tender plant foliage and shoots, particularly if unseasonable weather has resulted in out-of-season or unusual growth.

There are a few strategies that can be used to help protect vulnerable growth from frost. Move potted plants to a protected area such as on a veranda and drape frost or shade cloth over sensitive plants.

Applying Yates® Thrive® Natural Seaweed Tonic can also aid plant recovery from stress conditions like frost.

Don’t prune off any damaged foliage until the risk of frost has passed, as the damaged leaves can help protect the rest of the plant.

Clever cloning

Do you have a favourite deciduous shrub or vine growing in your garden that you would like to clone? Well, this winter, try your hand at taking some ‘hardwood’ cuttings.

It’s easier than you think! Hardwood cuttings is the technical sounding term for taking pieces of stems from plants like hydrangeas, wisteria and grapevines during winter and encouraging them to grow their own roots.

Here’s a step by step guide to growing new plants from hardwood cuttings:


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