Moss Management


During cool and moist weather, moss can establish in shaded areas around the garden, including in lawns.

Moss growing in lawns can start to compete with the grass and adversely affect the look and health of the lawn.

Yates® Weed’n’Feed® Mosskiller is a concentrated blend of iron and nitrogen and applied over mossy patches in lawns it will quickly burn and kill off the moss. After 2 weeks, the dead moss can be raked away.

The rich nitrogen in Yates® Weed’n’Feed® Mosskiller will also help feed the lawn and encourage good growth. A strong healthy, thick lawn is better able to resist moss infestations.

To reduce the chances of moss returning, aerate the area with a garden fork and apply a soil wetting agent like Yates Waterwise® Soil Wetter, which helps any moisture penetrate into the soil, rather than staying on the surface and encouraging moss growth.

It will also help to reduce any shading over the lawn by trimming overhanging trees and shrubs.


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