Angie's Garden Calendar March


Autumn at last! I hope you enjoy all the wonderful new planting opportunities that autumn has to offer, whether it’s delicious edibles, gorgeous flowers or a brand new lawn.

Happy gardening everyone!

Whats On?

For a complete guide to March gardening, refer to the articles below:


In The Autumn Vegie Patch

There are lots of tasty vegies you can plant in March, follow the link to find out what and when to plant.

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March Lawn Makeover

Need a new lawn? Your tips to a complete lawn makeover!

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Autumn Citrus Care

How to look after your citrus this Autumn + more!

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Autumn Blooms

It's time to start thinking about Spring! Yes - you read that correctly!

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Raspberries and Rosella

Grow some ravishing reds at your place with raspberries and rosella

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