Whack Those Weeds

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Last Spring and Summer, did you promise yourself that this year you’d get on top of your lawn weeds?

Lawn weeds can often take us by surprise. They start off small and inconspicuous, often hiding in amongst grass blades. As lawn growth starts to slow in late autumn, weed growth can take off and they seem to appear from nowhere.

Broadleaf lawn weeds like clover, thistles and dandelions can take advantage of the lawn’s slower growth and if not controlled can compete with the lawn and ruin the manicured look we all love.

Pets and children will also appreciate the absence of prickly thistles!

You can control the most common broadleaf weeds in lawns, before they take over, in only a few minutes by using an easy to apply hose-on pack like Yates® Weed’n’Feed®.

Yates Weed’n’Feed has also been boosted with the key lawn nutrients, nitrogen and iron, which both promote a deep rich green lawn.

If you have a small patch of weeds or a lawn where using a hose-on applicator is not possible, then you can apply some granular Yates Weed’n’Feed. Apply the granules dry, onto moist grass and weeds, and leave for 2 days before watering in thoroughly. The lawn will turn black but will recover to its normal state.


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