Angie's Garden Calendar September


Welcome to Spring!

In the words of the great Robin Williams, “Spring is nature’s way of saying ‘Let’s party!’”. Enjoy all the gardening delights that spring has to offer!

Happy gardening everyone!

Whats On?

Below you will find my monthly garden notes for September, which I hope you find useful.


Curly Citrus Leaves

If you had curled leaves on your citrus trees last spring, it could be aphid damage. Here's how to protect tender citrus leaves from damage.

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Sow Many Flowers

So many flowers. As the weather warms up, there are so many flowers to brighten your garden.

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Grow Your Own Salad

Plenty of spring sunshine, good soil, fertiliser and regular watering is a great recipe for your spring vegetable patch to be in tip top shape.

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Spring Time Lawns

Your lawn will love you if you take just a little time in September to feed it and finish off the weeds.

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Spring Fruit

Have you heard of Jaboticaba? Check it out here!

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How to care for your roses as they start their marathon of growing foliage and flowers.

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