Winter Gardening Tips

Winter Gardening Tips

Welcome to winter! Don’t let the cooler weather stop you from getting out in the garden, as there are so many plants to sow, grow and enjoy.


Fabulous Fruit

Tips on how to get the best out of your delicious deciduous Figs, thin skinned ‘Eureka’ Lemons and hybrid Loganberries at your place.

Colour for Your Winter Garden

Brighten up your winter garden with these varieties. Bidens make a great winter colour splash and hardy Alyssum provide a contrast.

Winter Vegie Guide

Here are some tips on growing cool season vegies such as vitamin rich Carrots, versatile Spinach and succulent Peas in your winter vegie patch.

Winter Roses

For a fantastic display of Hellebore’s (Winter Roses) over winter check out our guide to grow and get the best out of these winter favourites.

What's on this month?

  • If you are in search of a special destination for a reviving wintery walk
  • The Camellia Garden (with the largest collection of camellias in New Zealand) and the Magnolia Garden are annual favourites at Auckland Botanic Gardens. For more details visit
  • Visit the Christchurch Botanic Gardens during winter to see their beautiful collection of cyclamens and orchids. Head to for more information.


Mandarin Madness

Mandarins are a vibrant and welcome sight during the cooler seasons. They’re so handy to pop in a lunchbox or to have as an on-the-go healthy snack.

Strawberry Delight

If you love sweet fresh strawberries or enjoy a strawberry cheesecake, pavlova or trifles, it’s time to grow this delicious fruit at your place.

Colourful Winter Blooms

During July there is lots of fabulous colour and fragrance to choose from, learn how to protect plants from winter frosts and create new plants for free!

Easy Greens

Check out our friendly guide on what you can grow now in your vegie patch and how to prevent or treat fungal problems associated with cold damp conditions.

What's on this month?

  • The Hammond Camellia Garden in Hamilton Gardens showcases beautiful camellias, many of which flower during July. Visit for more information.
  • Enjoy free guided walks every Wednesday at the Auckland Botanic Gardens in July. For further details head to
  • At the Christchurch Botanic Gardens, even in Winter, there is lots to see! There are two options for tours - 1.5hrs via the Friends of the Gardens or a "caterpillar tour" on electric shuttles with commentary.


Fruit and Citrus

Follow this link for all you need to know about growing your own crop of juicy oranges and sweet and divine Mangos at home.

Colourful Flowers to Sow

Want to add more colour into your garden? Gerbera, Marigold and Camelia with their bright flowers will all put on a wonderful show in your garden.


Love the look of a rose bush smothered in showy blooms during the warmer months? Can’t resist inhaling their fragrance? It’s not too late to plant a now!

Late Winter Vegie Patch

Warmer weather isn’t too far away, so it’s time to think about fresh and delicious home-grown ingredients like lettuce, potatoes and tomatoes.

What's on this month?

  • Learn how to prune fruit trees, shrubs and small trees at the Christchurch Botanic Gardens during August. While you’re there see beautiful flowering magnolias and colourful annual flower displays. Further details and workshop dates can be found at
  • Explore Hamilton Gardens on a walk with an experienced guide every Tuesday and Thursday. You’ll see the most popular gardens throughout the site’s spectacular 54 hectares. For more information visit