4 Step

Growing your own vegies, herbs or fruit can be so rewarding and much easier than you think.

We recommend that you grow the food you love, it will motivate you to look after it better and you will experience the joy of harvesting and eating your produce. Here are 4 easy steps to get you started PLUS check out our plant growing guides for extra tips!


Step 1: PREPARE 

Prepare your garden bed by controlling unwanted weeds.

Before you plant, you need to prepare your garden by removing unwanted weeds. Weeds will compete with your new plants for valuable nutrients and water. One of the easiest and quickest ways to control weeds in garden beds is to spray with Yates Zero Triple Strike Weedkiller


Step 2: PLANT

Use the Yates Seed Finder to know what you can plant now. 

To ensure your new vegies & herbs seedlings thrive and produce, prepping the soil is an absolute must. For a bumper crop of vegies, enrich the soil before planting by adding Yates Dynamic Lifter Organic Plant Food. It’s packed with organic matter which encourages earthworms and beneficial soil micro-organisms. It also contains wonderful slow-release nutrients from manure, fish meal, blood & bone and seaweed which gently feeds your plants as it grows. Simply dig the pellets in. 

If your soil is difficult to work with or perhaps you don’t have any soil to plant up, then consider using a raised garden bed. Fill with garden soil and mix in Yates Dynamic Lifter Organic Plant Food before planting. 


Step 3: FEED

Feed your new plants with Yates Thrive Fish Blood Bone Plant Food Concentrate

To encourage lots of leafy vegies & herbs, feed your plants regularly with Yates Thrive Fish Blood Bone Plant Food Concentrate. It is specially formulated with fish blood & bone which is a natural source of organic nutrients PLUS contains additionals humates and added NPK to give your plants a boost. Simply add two capfuls to your 9-litre watering can and you can feed and water at the same time.



Protect your garden from nasty pests with Yates Natures Way Vegie Insect Spray Natrasoap Ready to Use

Your new vegie & herb garden will be a feast for unwanted pests including aphids. Aphids are small green, brown or black coloured insects that hide under foliage and deplete your new plants by sucking the sap from leaves and stems. Aphids can be controlled by spraying with Yates Natures Way Vegie Insect Spray Natrasoap Ready to Use. Certified organic, it’s a natural soap-based spray that smothers and suffocates aphids on contact. Spray every 5-7 days and be sure to spray underneath leaves as this is where aphids can hide.


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