Does your garden look a little ‘meh’? You’ve pruned the trees, planted new flowers and laid new mulch, but there’s just something missing. . . May be there a couple of areas that you’ve forgotten or hadn’t thought about? Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here to remind you and give you a few more tips to help spruce your backyard.

Clear the path

With the warmer weather coming and many garden activities to come, it’s time to clear the paths! Whip those fallen leaf piles away with a leaf blower. If you have large trees or a lot of leaf litter to collect, consider investing in a blower vac and adding the leaves to your compost heap. 

Move over moss

Once the leaves are away, it is time to tackle the moss. It’s unsightly and can also be slippery in wet areas. Spray areas with Yates Surrender to help eliminate moss.

Beat the weeds

Tired of those pesky weeds in the concrete cracks or between pavers? Don’t pull them out just yet! Prevent those weeds from taking over your clean path by spraying with Yates Zero Rapid 1-Hour Action Weedkiller Ready to Use

Keep those pavers down

Do you have an annoyingly loose paver? Well stop putting it off and fix it! Simply remove the paver and remove excess dirt or plant roots from the base. Apply Selleys Liquid Nails Rapid Cure to the bottom of the paver and position back in place, holding it in place with a brick or weighted object. After 30 minutes, it’s done! If necessary, fill any gaps with paving sand and step away with confidence.

It's a brand new lawn!

There is nothing like sitting on the grass on a warm day, taking in the rays of the sun while moving your hands through luscious soft blades of grass. If your lawn sounds nothing like this and looks more like a weed farm or a moonscape your pet has lovingly designed for you, then may be time to start again. 

Getting that lovely lush lawn is not as hard as it seems. First, clear the area of all the weeds using Yates Zero Rapid 1-Hour Action Weedkiller Ready to Use and after 7 days, remove any of the dead grass and weeds. Turn the soil over and fill in any of those ‘mounds’ or gaps with a good top soil mix, levelling the area as you go.

Before you go and sow your lawn, give the drainage a quick check to ensure that the water drains well in the area and also consider how much sun the area will receive both in summer and winter. This will determine which lawn is best for you.

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