Illawarra Flame Tree

A stunning red-flowering tree. This tree loses its leaves just before flowering and, in a good season, can be a towering pillar of red.

Firewheel Tree (Stenocarpus sinuatus)

At blooming time, this rainforest tree looks as if it’s lit up from within by the red pinwheel flowers that cluster among its branches.

Fried egg tree (Gordonia axillaris)

On the borderline between a tree and a shrub, but able to be pruned into a tree-like shape (which shows off its attractive bark), gordonia’s ‘fried egg’ flowers can be close to 10cm across.


This glorious South American native usually flowers when the tree is bare of leaves, which enhances the magnificent effect.


Another tree that usually blooms on bare branches, every deciduous magnolia is a garden aristocrat.

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