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One of the best ways to get quick colour into your garden is with flowering annuals. Modern forms of annual plants have been bred and selected for improved colour ranges, flower variation and disease resistance. In our mild climates many short-lived perennials and biennials are grown as annuals.

Top 5 spring annuals


Newer varieties of pansies flower over a long period and are much more heat-tolerant than the old varieties, which means that they are able to continue blooming from spring into early summ



Poppies create new magic each year when their hairy buds open to release the brightly coloured ‘crepe paper’ petals.


Each stem of P. malacoides supports its own self-contained bunch of dainty flowers. As long as they have plenty of water, primulas will do well in full sun or light shade.


The bluest of blues makes low-growing lobelia an unforgettable sight in the garden.  It can also be planted as a ground cover, in large tubs, or made to trail from hanging baskets.


A mix of brilliant, jewel-like colours makes cinerarias a popular choice. They grow happily in the shade but won’t handle frost.


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