Many schools have a designated time during the day where kids eat a fruit or vegie snack. Sometimes called ‘Crunch & Sip’ or ‘Munch & Crunch’, it’s a fantastic opportunity to include more fresh food in kids’ diets.

To encourage this healthy habit, kids can help create their very own fruit & vegie snack garden at home and then proudly take the harvest to school to eat.

During cool seasons you can try:

During warm seasons you can try:

Most of these plants can be grown very successfully in a pot if you don’t have access to a garden patch.

Schools and child care centres can also be approached to include a garden like this in the grounds. School gardens can be used in so many parts of the curriculum, including maths, science, the environment, sustainability and of course nutrition and where our food comes from.

You can learn so much from gardening!

Remember to always:

  • Wash your hands well after gardening

  • Wear shoes to protect your feet

  • Wear a hat and sunscreen


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