How To Grow Mother-In-Laws-Tongue


Whether you call them Mother-in-law’s Tongue, Snake Plant or Viper’s Bowstring Hemp, Sansevieria (Sansevieria trifasciata) has become super trendy over recent years and potted Sansevieria features prominently in modern landscape and interior design.

They’re very hardy, are slow growing, require minimal maintenance and will tolerate low levels of light, making them ideal for growing indoors.

They’ll also help improve air quality so having a few around the house and office is very beneficial.

Great For: Adding contemporary structure for retro and eclectic interiors.
Position: Will tolerate low light levels indoors or can be grown outdoors in warm locations in either sun or shade (harsh afternoon sun can sometimes burn the foliage).
Water: They require well drained soil or potting mix and are tolerant of dry conditions once established.
Soil: Well drained soil
When To Grow: All year round
Hot Tip: This plant can be divided and shared amongst friends. Also looks great amongst other indoor plants. Get creative.

How To Grow:

Step 1: Can be grown in low to full light conditions both indoors and out in the garden.
Step 2: Fill the pot with Yates Thrive Cacti and Succulent Potting Mix.
Step 3: Remove the plant from its container.
Step 4: Position the plant in the middle of the new pot. This plant can be grown very effectively in small pots. Fill in around the plant with potting mix and water well. You can feature sansevieria in a mixed outdoor pot of succulents or it also looks stunning on its own in an indoor display.
Step 5: Water on a moderate basis in the summer but cut back in the winter when plants require less moisture.
Step 6: Feed occasionally from spring to autumn with Yates Thrive Houseplant Liquid Plant Food.

Growing Tips


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