Ahoya, there! If you’re keen on growing hoyas, then you’re in the right place. There are so many different varieties to choose from, including the traditional wax flower (Hoya carnosa) or the twisted gnarled foliage of the Indian Rope hoya and the sweet, heart-shaped Hoya ‘Kerri’. All are tough plants and can be grown indoors or outside, in warm frost-free environments. They’re tolerant of mid-levels of light (although need moderate light or some morning sun to flower well) and prefer to be kept in the same pot for years – less repotting for you, woohoo!

How to grow Hoya in a pot

  1. Most hoya varieties will grow very happily in quite small pots, and are particularly suited to growing in hanging baskets. If growing indoors, choose a well lit spot, away from direct afternoon sun. For outdoor situations, position the pot in a semi- shaded area and protect from strong winds., 
  2. Fill pots with quality free draining potting mix, such an Yates Thrive Orchid Potting Mix or a bromeliad mix, as hoyas don’t like wet feet.
  3. Plant into pot or hanger and water in well. 
  4. They do not like wet feet so do not overwater. Only re-water when the potting mix feels dry.


Growing tips

  • Keep the leaves clean by wiping with a damp cloth, when required.

  • Hoyas like to be quite tight in the pot and are quite at home in a small space. 

  • Hoya are unusual in the fact that they flower from the same point every year, so don’t prune off old flower spikes when they finish flowering.

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If you're keen on growing hoyas, then you've come to the right place. There are so many gorgeous varieties to choose from!

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Common Problems & Solutions

Scale: White patches on stems or pink or brown raised dome like structures on leaves and stalks about 3-5mm

Solution:Yates Natures Way Organic Citrus, Vegie Ornamental Spray Ready to Use

Mealybugs: New growth appears distorted with a whitish cotton-like substance in the leaf axils. 

Solution: Yates Natures Way Organic Citrus, Vegie Ornamental Spray Ready to Use

Aphids: New leaves distorted and yellow, foliage and stems covered in sooty mould, insects crowded on young leaves and shoots

Solution: Yates Natures Way Vegie Insect Spray Natrasoap Ready to Use