Lawn Seed On Trowel

We've completely revamped our grass seed range. As a result, we've made lots of improvements to our old favourites, plus added some new favourites.

If you're thinking about a fresh new lawn or even just a tidy-up, check these out.

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A fresh new look, for our fresh new grass.

We looked at our grass seed range from the ground up, examining everything about our existing varieties and assessing how we could make them better. So, here's our introduction to the brand new, improved result. 

Now and again, people ask us if our grass seed boxes can go into the recycling, so we decided to make it clearer. Yates have joined the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) Program, which helps consumers recycle our products correctly with a clear and consistent on-pack labelling program. We’ve started rolling this out across all our packaging, starting with lawn seed. 

Our new lawn seed boxes are made from PEFC certified board, assembled with water-based glue and printed with soy-based ink; they can definitely go into your kerbside recycling collection. 

We updated the box design to make it easier to shake out grass seed accurately. We also improved the artwork on the box to help you decide what you need, and choose the variety that suits you. Whether you're after a hardwearing lawn for the kids and pets, a manicured show lawn, a shade-tolerant lawn or a drought-tolerant toughie, there's something here that'll hit the spot.

All our grass seed now contains added zeolite, a natural volcanic mineral that improves soil condition and increases water retention, which is an advantage during the initial germination period.

If you're looking to repair a patchy or thin lawn, Yates Seed’n’Feed is perfect. It's an easy to use lawn repair product that has all the ingredients needed to fix bare patches and thicken an existing lawn. Probably the best thing about it is the dual action: it includes fast-germinating grass seed and fertiliser, to feed new and existing grass for up to 12 weeks. Even better, you can repair and renovate your lawn all year round, as Yates Seed'n'Feed contains the same seed varietals as the very popular Yates Lawn Seed Sow Anytime, so it will germinate at temperatures as low as 3°C.

Yates Lawn Seed Sow Anytime is a clever blend of stadium type ryegrass and fescue, that produces a rich green, lush lawn. It is suitable for areas that need quick coverage; it can take a little longer than the usual 7 days if the soil temperature is dipping down to 3 degrees, but it gets there!

If you're in an area with cooler conditions and you'd like a very fine looking lawn, consider Yates Lawn Seed Sun & Shade. It's a blend of turf type ryegrass, chewings fescue and creeping red fescue that produces a beautifully fine-textured, dense, deep green lawn. It will maintain its appearance even under the shade of trees, or in very bright sunny locations. The beauty of this is that you can achieve a nice uniform colour across your whole lawn by using the same seed, even if you have challenging shaded sections in it.

If your lawn is a rough and tumble play zone for kids and pets, or gets a lot of traffic across it, Yates Tuff Grass Lawn Seed is an excellent option. It establishes quickly, delivering a vibrant green lawn, and crowds out unsightly weeds. It's extremely durable, resistant to wear and tear and very easy to look after. Tuff Grass has a finer texture and thinner leaf blade than Tall Fescue.

Alternatively, if your lawn regularly gets exposed to a wide range of climatic conditions, from drought to heavy rainfall, have a look at Yates Lawn Seed Tall Fescue. It's a rich, dark green cool season turf grass that's highly resilient, very easy to maintain and tolerant of drought conditions.

And last but not least, if you live close to the coast or your area is drought-prone in summer, Yates Lawn Seed Kikuyu may be for you. Kikuyu is excellent for high traffic areas, as it forms a resilient low carpet that can take a lot of hammering. It's the perfect choice to retain sandy soils in coastal gardens, in frost-free regions of New Zealand. Fast-germinating ryegrass is included to act as a nurse crop, to shelter and help to reduce weed competition while the slower Kikuyu seeds get established.


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Sow Anytime Lawn Seed

A blend of high grade seed that has the ability to grow all year round: Yates Sow Anytime will germinate at temperatures as low as 3°C. Produces a vibrant green, lush lawn.

Yates Tall Fescue Lawn Seed

A rich dark green cool season turf grass with a medium, soft blade. It is tolerant to drought, heavy rainfall and suitable for a wide range of climates.

Yates Sun & Shade Lawn Seed

Specially formulated to thrive even under shaded conditions. Delivers a rich, deep green and finely textured lawn, that's also great for sunny locations.

Yates Seed'n'Feed

An easy to use lawn repair product containing all the ingredients you need to fix bare patches and thicken an existing lawn. Dual action formula germinates rapidly all year round, plus feeds for up to 12 weeks.

Yates Kikuyu Lawn Seed

A blend of tough, carpet-forming kikuyu and annual ryegrass. Kikuyu is excellent for high traffic areas, coastal gardens and drought-prone districts, in frost-free regions of New Zealand.

Yates Tuff Grass Lawn Seed

Ideal for lawns that need to hold up to lots of wear and tear, great for high traffic zones and play areas for kids and pets. Yates Tuff Grass Lawn Seed establishes quickly.

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