Couch Lawn

Couch grass produces a manicured lawn with fine leaf blades and a luscious green colour.

If your climate is suitable, a couch lawn can be low maintenance; but it will require a lot more care in cooler areas. Couch has very poor shade tolerance.

About Couch Varieties

Couch grass (AKA Twitch, or Bermuda grass) is arguably the most drought tolerant warm season grass available in NZ.

It isn’t successful in colder parts of the country; it really needs a frost-free climate to thrive. It’s an aggressive ‘running’ grass with strong stolons (runners), which form a dense mat of hard-wearing turf. It’s heat-resistant and tolerates dry weather better than most grasses.

Like kikuyu, couch isn’t popular with everyone due to its habit of spreading through other grass types and taking over.

Couch grows on a wide range of soils. It responds dramatically to high nitrogen fertilisers, so we recommend the use of slow-release fertilisers like Yates Lawn Fertiliser Twice a Year, or the gentle Yates Dynamic Lifter Organic Lawn Food. Couch needs full sunlight and won’t grow in shade. In cooler areas it will become dormant and brown off in winter.

A couch lawn can be grown from seed or laid as turf. Sow seed in late spring or early summer at 1kg per 100m2. Couch seed needs warm temperatures of at least 20°C to germinate.

Seedlings emerge in seven to twelve days in warm weather. Couch turf can be laid in late winter or early spring.

In NZ, couch seed or turf is available from specialist lawn suppliers.

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