Moth orchids (Phalaenopsis spp) are beautiful and very popular orchids that are native to forests in tropical Asia. Often given as gifts, they have stunning and long lasting flowers that come in a wide range of gorgeous colours including pink, mauve, yellow and white. Moth orchids make a lovely indoor plant in a spot with bright, indirect light and despite looking fragile and a bit intimidating can be an easy and rewarding plant to grow.

How to grow moth orchid in a pot

  1. Choose a pot that is very well drained and place in a warm position that receives plenty of indirect light.
  2. Fill half the pot with Yates Thrive Orchid Potting Mix.
  3. Place plant into the pot and fill in with remaining Orchid mix.
  4. Water in lightly.
  5. Feed with Yates Thrive Orchid Liquid Plant Food every 2-4 weeks during periods of flowering and leaf growth.

Growing tips

  • Reduce watering in winter as they dislike having cold wet roots. Moth orchids need very good drainage, so don’t let roots sit in water.
  • Moth orchids can flower a couple of times a year, sometimes from the same flowering stem.
  • After flowering, encourage more flowers by pruning the flower spike to just above the second node (bump on the stem) from the base.
  • A new branch will then emerge from that point, together with flower buds. When flowers develop, the spike can become heavy and may need support.
  • Don’t discard the supporting stakes and peg clips that the plants are often purchased with as they will come in handy when new flower spikes appear.
  • When watering, apply water below the foliage so that water doesn’t pool on the leaves or crown of the plant (which can encourage disease).
  • You can sit your potted moth orchid on a saucer that’s filled with pebbles and regularly add water to the saucer.
  • This creates a more humid environment around the orchid but doesn’t allow the roots to be permanently sitting in water.

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