Masters of disguise, living stones (Lithops spp.) get their name from their interesting rock like appearance. These cute, very low growing succulents also resemble little bums that are sneakily poking out of the soil, leaving the majority of the plant hidden underground. In Autumn, flowers appear from the centre of the bums (like wonderful little farts) that bloom in the afternoon and close at night. After flowering new leaves burst through the centre of the existing leaves, growing in the opposite direction to the old leaves. Lithops are intriguing to watch, feel and grow. So if you like big (plant) butts, get your Lithops growing!

How to grow lithops in a pot

  1. Choose a well drained pot, ensuring the main body of the Lithop can be well covered with soil.
  2. Position indoors in a area that receives morning to midday sun and fill the pot with quality potting mix, such as Yates Thrive Cacti Succulent Potting Mix
  3. Remove the plant from the container. Create a small hole in the centre of the potting mix.
  4. Position in hole and backfill with potting mix, gently firming down. Water gently. 
  5. Feed lightly with Yates Thrive Natural Fish Seaweed+ Plant Food Concentrate in Spring.

Growing tips

  • Lithops are specific with watering. They don’t like too much water and a light drink every two weeks from mid spring to summer will keep them happy.
  • If your Lithops are in flower, continue to give them a light drink until the flower starts to die off.
  • Once the flowers have started to shrivel, stop watering. Lithops like to be completely dry as they go through their growing stage.
  • Don’t be tempted to water the new leaves when they appear as this can stress out your little bums. Once the old leaves have completely dried up then you can commence watering again.
  • Position indoors in a well lit spot that receives up to 5-6 hours of morning to midday sun. Outdoors position so that they receive morning –midday sun and are protected from strong winds and afternoon sun.

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