What is Bamboo

Bamboos are typically fast growing perennials. The woody stems, known as culms, are usually hollow between the nodes and grow in branching clusters thick underground rhizomes. 


How to protect your plants

To stop bamboo spreading uncontrollably, plant bamboo pieces for your screen or hedge in a trench lined on either side with sheet metal or hardboard. The barrier need not go deeper than about 45cm as bamboos are shallow rooted but may spread naturally by underground stems or rhizomes.

To eradicate bamboo that has got out of hand, cut the canes down to ground level, and pour diluted (as per label instructions) solution of Yates Zero Super Concentrate Weedkiller down into the hollow stem. Any suckers which emerge later should be similarly treated, but be careful not to let the sprayed product drift onto other plants.

To minimise problems with bamboo, choose varieties of bamboo which are clumping, rather than spreading.

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