Poa annua

What is Poa / Winter Grass

Tufty, soft, light green grass with masses of seeds occurring all over the weed that will eventually overtake the lawn in winter. 

It seeds in Autumn, Winter and Spring and dies off throughout prolonged hot periods in the Summer. Lawns become weakened and more prone to further Poa infestation in the following cool season. Seed sets even when mowing at very low cutting heights.


How to protect your plants

Spot spray weeds with a non-selective weedkiller such as Yates Zero Super Concentrate Weedkiller or remove by hand. Spray or hand remove weeds prior to flowers/seeds setting. Ensure the lawn is well maintained and fertilised with a specialised lawn fertiliser such as Yates Dynamic Lifter Organic Lawn Food.


Recommended products

Yates Zero Weeding Brush

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