Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora

What is Montbretia?

Don’t let the pretty orange flowers fool you: Montbretia is a really invasive, fast-spreading pest. It’s a tough perennial with strappy, upright leaves and tall zigzag shaped flowers in summer. It’s very hardy; it tolerates shade, damp or dry soils and frosts.

Montbretia doesn’t produce seed, it spreads by sending out creeping rhizomes, or sprouts from ‘cormils’ (small bud-like corms) that form on the flowers. It loves to be dug up or disturbed as it can regrow from tiny pieces.

How to control Montbretia

If there aren’t too many plants, you can dig up the rhizomes and seal them into black polythene bags to kill them or drop them off at a refuse transfer station. If you have a large area affected, there isn’t much point digging because any missed cormils or rhizomes resprout so easily. It’s much more effective to spray with Yates Zero Tough Weedkiller.

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