Roses in the Autumn Garden


Autumn is a wonderful time to see roses in bloom and to select roses for winter planting. Potted roses can be planted year round and winter (or bare root) roses can be purchased from nurseries or ordered from specialist growers.

Plant potted roses as you would any other potted plant, even when they are in flower. After planting, sprinkle a small amount of Yates Dynamic Lifter Plus Flower Food around the soil surface and water in well. It contains a balanced blend of nitrogen for healthy leaf growth, phosphorus for a strong root system and potassium for encouraging lots of flowers. It’s a perfect food for roses and any flowering garden plants.

Black Spot

One of the number one problems experienced by rose gardeners is black spot. This fungal disease begins as small black circles on the leaves, which gradually turn yellow and fall. In severe cases the rose plant may be almost defoliated, which weakens the bush. Black spot is most prevalent in moist humid conditions.

Here are some tips to keep black spot under control:


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