Top Lawn Care Tips for November

Summer weather extremes, combined with the wear and tear of active happy feet and paws, means that we need to show our lawns some late Spring TLC to get them prepared for the coming months.

Here are some easy steps to help get your lawn ready for the stresses of summer:

1. Go green – healthy, well fed lawns are tougher lawns, so fertilising at the end of Spring is great preparation for Summer. Yates Dynamic Lifter Organic Lawn Food contains rich organic matter to nurture the soil, and gentle slow release organic nutrients to help create a thick, lush green lawn.

2. Deep watering – lawns should be watered deeply once or twice a week, rather than frequent light watering. Thorough watering encourages grass roots to grow deeper into the soil, which helps grass to access more water during hot, dry conditions.

3. Fixing bare spots - repair any bare spots in early November with specialised Yates Easy Patch Lawn Repair, so the patches will green up by Christmas and won’t be a magnet for weeds. Lightly fork over the bare patch to loosen the soil and spread Easy Patch over the area. Yates Easy Patch Lawn Repair contains a special combination of quick germinating lawn seed, wetting agent, coir fibre and professional grade fertiliser. Water the patch regularly while the new grass establishes.

4. Weed control – tidy up any broadleaf weeds (like dandelions, clover and thistles) growing in the lawn, which can ruin the look of the lawn and many are also painfully prickly. Yates Weed n Feed Double Action comes in both an easy to use hose-on application and a concentrate, for dilution in a watering can or garden sprayer. Yates Weed n Feed Double Action Hose On will also give the lawn a quick burst of nutrients to promote healthy green growth.


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