Looking for a plant with style? One that is easy to care for and comes in a variety of colour shades? If the answer is yes, then the Arrowhead (Syngonium spp.) is the plant you have been searching for! There are many varieties of this reliable indoor plant, from the old faithful green and white large leaf climbers, to the more compact new varieties that are available in leaf shades of reds, pinks or mottled green. Arrowheads are a perfect choice for beginner or experienced jungle enthusiasts alike.

How to grow syngonium in a pot

1. Choose a spot indoors that receives filtered to minimal light, but away from direct sunlight like a windowsill or coffee table. If growing in a pot outdoors, ensure that it is positioned in a spot that receives filtered light and is protected from strong winds. 
2. Fill chosen pots with quality potting mix, such as Yates Thrive Indoor Plants Potting Mix.  
3. Position in pot and backfill with potting mix, gently firming down. Water in well keeping the water away from the leaves.  
4. After the initial watering, keep the soil moist (not wet!), especially during the warmer months. During winter, you can allow the soil to almost dry out before watering again.   
5. Feed fortnightly from spring to autumn with Yates Thrive Indoor Liquid Plant Food.  

Growing tips

  • Keep the leaves clean by wiping with a damp cloth. 
  • Arrowheads can be easily propagated through division.   
  • Remove dead stems from the base of the plant to encourage a clean well groomed appearance. 
  • Perfect for growing in kokedamas and hanging in bathrooms or other indoor areas. 
  • If growing as a climber, either stake up or allow plant to trail over a shelf. 
  • Take care with these plants around pets as they can be poisonous if ingested. 
  • Some species can be invasive if planted in the garden. Check with your local council prior to planting in an open bed.

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