Savory (Satureja montana) produces aromatic, tasty foliage and can be used just like sage. Being a perennial plant, it is a perfect addition to soups & casseroles. Satureja hortensis, a relative, is a warmth-loving annual plant.

How to grow savory in a garden

  1. Choose a spot in the garden that receives full sunlight. Enrich the well-drained soil with compost and Yates Thrive Natural Blood & Bone with Seaweed. Avoid planting in clay soils. 
  2. Sprinkle the seeds in a row about 5 mm deep and cover it with soil.  
  3. Water in well. 
  4. Once the seedlings emerge you can thin them to about 30 cm apart and lightly mulch around them. 
  5. Feed them with Yates Thrive Natural Blood & Bone with Seaweed every season and weekly with Yates Thrive Natural Fish Seaweed+ Plant Food Concentrate.


How to grow Savory in a pot

  1. Choose a pot at least 300 mm wide. Position in full sun and fill with quality potting mix, such as Yates Premium Potting Mix.  
  2. Add a small amount of Yates Waterwise Water Storage Crystals to the mix. These will help hold extra moisture. 
  3. Sprinkle a few seeds and cover it with potting mix. 
  4. Water in well. 
  5. When the seedlings emerge, remove the weak ones after a week or two. Lightly mulch around the base with organic mulch like pea or lucerne straw. 
  6. Keep them well-watered, but do not let the water sit in a saucer at the base of the pot. 
  7. Feed weekly with Yates Thrive Natural Fish Seaweed+ Plant Food Concentrate.

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