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Garden in progress

I thought it was Hairy MacLairy but seems I have Hairy McCARROTS. They were my usual YATES CARROT SEED TAPES that I have had wonderful success with but this lot has grown thick tall stalks and when pulled are quite hairy. BUT it is not all about looks that count, it is the inner sweetness that matters more to me. I am wondering it it s something to do with the soil, too much of this or not enough of that. Another lot of CARROTS up in th bigger raised bed are absolutely P for perfect.

After tidying up some of the run-a-way MESCULIN that has towered to seed behind them are 4 TOMATO plants 3 of which are doing really well but the forth one shaded by the towering MESCULIN is rather petite. Now that it can see day light I am sure it will kick in and grow as look quite healthy.

WOW I have a great feeling that a bumper crop of PASSION FRUIT and FEIJOAS will be the best fruit crop this year in my garden. Stay away PASSION FRUIT Vine Hoppper, you are a real pest.

AND yes RUNNER BEANS will definetely be on my Christmas Day Dinner menu, thanks to the great drenching of rain they got yesterday. Yummy along with new POTATOES and glazed fresh CARROTS. Better I let a sister know I am bring fresh goodies and that she needs to cook for her guests, Mum, an Aunt and me. Sister is a good cook. Hmm wonder if she would like a Florence FENNEL bulb to do something with? I can give her a recipe.

What a stunning beautiful day here in little ol’ TA. It has prompted the STRAWBERRIES to ripen up so I had a fresh from the garden one tonight as I did my daily garden check. Oh sister has 30 off spring from my STRAWBERRIES plants so guess there will be some on the menu Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas, happy gardening and eat fresh from your garden over the festive season,

CarolJane – Waikato