Final blog for my friends

Connor B is talking about growing Beans, Sweetcorn from Northland

Garden ready!

Typed by Connor (with literacy support from mum where needed)

Thank you to everyone for helping me with my garden this term. i learned a lot. i liked when people wrote back to me and sent me seeds. I liked making friends with some people like Alex. I can’t wait to see the sunflowers that Niki sent us. They are growing now. I want to have the same garden next year because I like my stuff. We are going to make a salad for dinner out of my garden. We are going to put some lettuce, may be some carrots if there are some, some radishes and spring onions. We are also going to put some strawberries in. My favourite thing is my radishes which we are going to put in. I had one this morning for breakfast. It was spicey so I had to have a drink of water. 


We have plums and apples on our tree. I have yellow zucchinis on my plant. I have lots of corn. 

Question from mum: 

‘Are you going to share your corn?’ 

Response ’Yes. No I am going to share it with daddy". Oh well.

Note from Mum:

Thank you to all of those who wrote on the boy’s posts and encouraged them along the way, in particular Alex and Kirsten,  Midlife Gardener, and especially Sarah the Gardener. The postive affirmation was invaluable. Alex, a special thank you for your friendship to Connor. We wish you all the best with the challenge and I hope that those aphids don’t come back. 

Dad is going to post a video we made tonight later. He will post it when it’s finished loading. I will probably be in bed by then so he will have to do it for me. 

From Mum: Link to Connor’s Garden video is below in the comments. Please ignore dad’s typo, tired 4 year old, dad getting stuck under a tree and mum not knowing how to work the gropro.