My final post .

The Butler duo is talking about growing Herbs, Something else from Canterbury

Garden ready!

Thank you all, I have enjoyed sharing the journey with you its been a blast .

I picked so many things today but have not got photos of them all , I sure feel like a winner regardless of the results , My frezzor will be full and our tummys are happy and our health is great .

I stand by my permiculture ways and stronly believe in diversity as the solution to what ailes ya .

I am stoked that I made the decision for early courgettes in the tunnel house , Sweet peas planted in winter and getting seeds down every 3 weeks for a continus supply , My mister full with thrive , seaweed fert and a vinerger and epsom salt spray every couple of weeks has me bug free with super health thriving plants . 

Long may our gardens prosper and we continue to learn .