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So tonight I bid you adieu

Northland Backyard Gardeners is talking about growing Beans, Broccoli, Cabbage, Capsicum, Carrot, Cauliflower, Celery, Chilli, Chinese Cabbage, Cucumber, Eggplant, Lettuce, Peas, Pumpkin, Radish, Silverbeet, Spring Onion, Sweetcorn, Tomato, Zucchini from Northland

This season has definitely been one with a lot of learning. A different type of learning than the past few years where I was learning actually how to garden properly. This year’s learning was definitely centred more around how to deal wit...

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Mini challenge fairy garden

The Gardening Princesses is talking about growing Capsicum, Something else from Northland

Mum says this is the end of the challenge.  My garden is looking good.  I am growing capsicum for mum, my plants are better than hers.  My luffa plant has little luffa on it.  They will be back scrubbers when they are big.&n...

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Final Post

Jo Cornwell is talking about growing Beans, Beetroot, Broccoli, Capsicum, Carrot, Celery, Chilli, Cucumber, Herbs, Leek, Lettuce, Peas, Radish, Silverbeet, Spinach, Spring Onion, Tomato, Zucchini, Something else from Gisborne

So heres the rundown of what grew and what didnt

Beans, carrots, cucumber- eaten by something

Broccoli, Lettuce, Chilli, radish, tomato, beetroot, capsicum, peas, leek, silverbeet, spring onion - still growing slowly


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ColletteRedman is talking about growing Beans, Capsicum, Chilli, Cucumber, Squash, Tomato, Zucchini from Manawatu-Wanganui

I have really enjoyed doing the challenge again this year and following everyone else. 

I will be back again next year. 

There is so much going on in the garden and in many ways it is just the start. There are soooooo ...

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What's next then...

Hayley Brewerton is talking about growing Beans, Beetroot, Capsicum, Celery, Cucumber, Herbs, Lettuce, Peas, Radish, Sweetcorn, Tomato, Zucchini from Nelson

Thats the question on my mind! Garden is Ready...well mostly! 

Theres been some highs and lows of my first veggie growing season, especially growing them all from seed. 

High points

  • Deffinatly seeing all...

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